Financial Aid

Dr. Jin in Beijing

Several graduate research and teaching assistantships are offered to qualified students on a competitive basis. A student admitted provisionally because of background deficiencies will not be offered an assistantship. However, such a student may be considered for assistantship after having completed the necessary background courses.  Students need to indicate their need for merit-based financial aid at the time of application (i.e., check the appropriate box in the application).  Please contact the Graduate Program Director for additional information.

Research Travel Awards/Scholarship

All current graduate students are eligible to a max of $300 travel scholarship to present their research at professional meetings (papers or posters).  If you are planning to present your research at the annual meetings of the Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association (, you are encouraged to work as a team and come up with a team proposal to cover your expenses.  The goal of this award is to encourage graduate students to showcase their on-going or almost completed research outside DAFRE.  Students are strongly encouraged to work closely with their research advisers to meet the abstract submission deadline (typically in early February; meetings are in June). To apply for the travel grant, contact the Graduate Program Director (GPD) or the Chair of DAFRE.